Dr. Jamil Janmohamed C.C.F.P.

 Dr. Jamil Janmohamed attended the University of Alberta for three years of undergraduate study before pursuing his medical career. In June 2009, he graduated from Queen’s School of Medicine in Kingston, Ontario where he met his wife. He returned home for his post graduate residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta which he completed in June 2011.

He joined Westgrove Clinic in January 2012, initially taking on Dr. Duvel’s former practice and patients. After a brief departure in August 2015, he and his wife settled permanently in west Edmonton in November 2015, and are planning to raise a family here. 

In addition to his practice at Westgrove Clinic, Dr. Janmohamed also spends a morning each week dedicated to adult obesity medicine through the Primary Care Network. He and his colleagues are looking to expand that role to serve the patients at Westgrove Clinic better

Westgrove Clinic has adopted the team model to improve patient access and continuity.  You can book with anyone on your team. 

Dr. Janmohamed, Dr. Zuidhof, and Dr. Genge are team members. 


Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

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