Dr. Carla S. Laidlaw C.C.F.P.

Dr. Laidlaw is a Specialist in Family Medicine.  She has been practicing at Westgrove Clinic since 2006.

She has undergone extensive training in order to perform no scalpel vasectomies.  These are performed in Westgrove Clinic.  If you would like more information about vasectomies please click here.

In addition to family medicine, she has an interest in women's health.  Procedures which she performs include I.U.D.s, endometrial biopsies, tongue tie releases, mole removals and other minor surgical procedures.

Westgrove Clinic has adopted the team model to improve patient access and continuity.  You can book with anyone on her team. 

Dr. Laidlaw's team members are Dr. Squires and Dr. Thompson.  

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

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