• Westgrove Maternity

    Westgrove Maternity is a group of doctors specializing in family medicine with a focus on obstetrics and maternity care. Working together as a team, we are perfectly positioned to help you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.


  • Westgrove Clinic is Accredited with Exemplary Standing

    Westgrove Clinic has been evaluated by Accreditation Canada and has achieved the highest standard possible for the clinic.  This review included an in-depth study of medical and support staff qualifications, procedures and equipment. The main focus in 2014 was patient and staff safety and medication management. 


  • Westgrove Clinic

    Westgrove Clinic is a Family Medicine Clinic located in Spruce Grove.  We are a group of family physicians focused on the delivery of quality, timely health care to our patients.  We are proud to work as a team with Nurse Practioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, pharmacists, mental health therapists, our clinic staff and other health professionals to give our patients the best possible health care.



Westgrove Clinic website is under construction .... sorry for the inconvenience ..... see you soon !!

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

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